Xubuntu 18.04: ArtworkEdit
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Xubuntu 18.04: BugsEdit Whiteboard
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Currently (without bug #) at times we see 2 network icons. Currently unsure where to report this.
Xubuntu 18.04: CommunityEdit
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Xubuntu 18.04: DevelopmentEdit Whiteboard
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Xubuntu Core (Base):
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/livecd-rootfs/xubuntu-base
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/debian-cd/xubuntu-base
- URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu-base

- URL: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2016-February/004785.html
- Mostly upstream icon related issues. Icons need to be provided by the package or in the humanity icon theme. They must also be a minimum of 64px.

Pidgin theme:
- URL: https://github.com/shimmerproject/pidgin-elementary
- Pidgin will require patching to support installing this theme globally
Xubuntu 18.04: DocumentationEdit
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Xubuntu 18.04: Logo updateEdit
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Xubuntu 18.04: MarketingEdit Whiteboard
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– Add a direct link to the download page
Front page:
– Replace screenshot with one from 18.04
What can I do with Xubuntu?:
– Modify the text to be more about the Xubuntu experience as a whole rather than highlight specific apps (with names)?
In the Ubuntu ecosystem:
– Ubuntu does not use Unity any more...
Software in Xubuntu:
– Replace "from GNOME and KDE" with "from other desktop environments", or maybe just "with different toolkits like Qt"?
– I'd drop mention of GNOME and KDE, and dependencies (a bit out of scope for a flashy flyer) and just say that it can run any Linux applications [lyz]
Help & Support:
– Mention official docs first under the Help & Support section (same with website)?
Local communities:
– Do we want to keep the community photo?
– I'm inclined to drop mention of LoCos, there aren't many active ones these days [lyz]
– In general, the flyer is very wordy, people like pretty things. Maybe replace the LoCo section with a section about our beautiful community-contributed default backgrounds [lyz]
– Adjust the Contribute section and mention it's volunteer-driven [lyz]
– Link to blog and social media stuff [lyz]
Xubuntu 18.04: Quality AssuranceEdit Whiteboard
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Planning at

Only QA and Testing related bugs to be shown here.

Other bugs that need fixes should be linked on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-b-bugs

Xubuntu testers (open team) - https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers

More detailed information for all testers at https://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/qa.html

Rolling release note at https://wiki.xubuntu.org/releases/18.04/release-notes

Ongoing tasks:
* Social media campaigns for QA milestones
* Social media for exploratory testing regularly
* QA articles for xubuntu.org
* Ongoing package testcase checking
* ISO test calls - dev and users
* Pckage Testing
* IRC tester session(s)
* Release Note
* Testcase addition/modifications
* Watch for regular testers

Xubuntu 18.04: WebsiteEdit Whiteboard
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Redirects needed:
- getxubuntu -> download
- getxubuntu/requirements -> requirements
- Article permalink structure?

Front page refresh:
- Show the current LTS and regular release on the front page
- News visible on the front page?
- A different style for the header (maybe extend the background area and overlay the intro on it?)
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QA status

ImageBoot statusInstall status
Desktop: 32-bit (i386) 2017-12-02 2017-12-02
Desktop: 64-bit (amd64) 2017-12-02 2017-12-02


Notice Board

Tester Notices

Work item details

AssigneeWork itemSpecification
Sean DavisUpload wallpaperArtwork
Sean Davisxubuntu-meta: Transition GNOME components to MATE componentsDevelopment
Kev BowringFacebookLogo update
Pasi LallinahoUpdate front pageWebsite
Pasi LallinahoCreate wallpaperArtwork
Pasi LallinahoInstaller slideshowLogo update
Pasi LallinahoMigrate work item data maintaining from LP blueprints to trackerWebsite
Pasi LallinahoAllow administrating tracker with a web UIWebsite
Pasi LallinahoSetup a new wallpaper contestCommunity
Pasi LallinahoXfce and Xubuntu-specific distributor logos for elementary-xfceArtwork
Pasi LallinahoPrepare a branch for GNOME->MATE apps migrationDocumentation
Pasi LallinahoTwitterLogo update
Pasi LallinahoOfficial vendorsLogo update
Pasi LallinahoPlanet UbuntuLogo update
Pasi LallinahoBrand guidelinesLogo update
Pasi LallinahoFlyerLogo update
Pasi LallinahoDocumentation (commit)Logo update
Pasi LallinahoLaunchpadLogo update
Pasi LallinahoWebsiteLogo update
Pasi LallinahoDeveloper websitesLogo update
Pasi LallinahoElementary Xfce (commit)Logo update
Pasi LallinahoMailman info pagesLogo update
Pasi LallinahoRequest redirects from ISWebsite
Simon Steinbeißxubuntu-default-settings: Revert to "normal" alt-tab mode in xfwm4Development
David PiresAdd descriptions of the Mate applications to end-user documentationDocumentation
Ubuntu CD Image Teamxubuntu-core: Review and merge patchesDevelopment
Xubuntu ArtworkFix elementary-xfce Debian packaging for new distributor logos Artwork
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1214514 parole crashed with SIGSEGV in _IO_new_fclose()Bugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1374887 parole crashed with SIGSEGV in parole_provider_player_get_stream_position()Bugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1644917 Label missing from indicator-plugin clear optionBugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1652933 Application Tab list too small when run from Settings dialogueBugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1653448 Mouse fails to scroll apps in settings manager notification.Bugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1667786 Parole 0.9.0 crashes when skipping any videoBugs
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1687075 Restoring non-empty folders spawns warning - leaves copy behindBugs
Xubuntu Developerselementary-xfce: Split packaging for distribution improvementsDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersparole: New PackageKit plugin installerDevelopment
Xubuntu Developerspidgin-elementary: Provide patches for Pidgin theme supportDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxfce*: Review and update appstream metadata for GUI applicationsDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxubuntu-core: Refresh debian-cd patchesDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxubuntu-core: Refresh livecd-rootfs patchesDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxubuntu-core: Refresh ubuntu-cdimage patchesDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxubuntu-meta: Review and trim excess fontsDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersthunar: Provide more default custom actions (printing, convert to pdf)Development
Xubuntu Developersatril: Work with Ubuntu MATE team on packaging improvementsDevelopment
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1507983 Timeout until screen blanks setting does nothingDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersgtk-theme-config: Patch for better support with recent themesDevelopment
Xubuntu DevelopersLP #1738395 Drop unused dependencies for lighter installation requirementsDevelopment
Xubuntu DevelopersDocumentation (upload)Logo update
Xubuntu Developersengrampa: Work with Ubuntu MATE team on packaging improvementsDevelopment
Xubuntu Developerspidgin-elementary: Package theme and set as defaultDevelopment
Xubuntu DevelopersMerge and upload GNOME->MATE migration branchDocumentation
Xubuntu DevelopersReview Xfce 4.14 components for inclusionDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: Replace indicator-soundDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxfce4-statusnotifier-plugin: Replace indicator-applicationDevelopment
Xubuntu Developersxubuntu-meta: Investigate switching from GNOME to MATE componentsDevelopment
Xubuntu DocumentationUpdate installer slideshowDocumentation
Xubuntu DocumentationUpdate website feature tourDocumentation
Xubuntu DocumentationUpdate end-user documentationDocumentation
Xubuntu DocumentationUpdate flyer for 18.04Marketing
Xubuntu Quality AssuranceCheck package testcasesQuality Assurance
Xubuntu Quality AssuranceSetup package testingQuality Assurance
Xubuntu TeamG+Logo update
Xubuntu TeamCommunity wallpaper contest guidelinesCommunity
Xubuntu TeamAnnounce wallpaper contestCommunity
Xubuntu WebsiteFinalize wiki content migrationWebsite


2017-11-30 / Feature Definition Freeze
2018-01-04 / Alpha 1
2018-02-01 / Alpha 2
2018-03-01 / Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze
2018-03-05 / Beta 1 Freeze
2018-03-08 / Beta 1
2018-03-22 / User Interface Freeze
2018-03-29 / Documentation String Freeze
2018-04-02 / Final Beta Freeze
2018-04-05 / Final Beta
2018-04-12 / NonLanguagePack Translation Deadline
2018-04-19 / Translation Deadline
2018-04-19 / Final Freeze, RC
2018-04-26 / Final Release


  • December 2017
  • 5 Add descriptions of the Mate applications to end-user documentation completed by David Pires in Documentation
  • 3 Mailman info pages completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • November 2017
  • 23 Flyer completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Prepare a branch for GNOME->MATE apps migration completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Documentation
  • 20 Review Xfce 4.14 components for inclusion completed by Xubuntu Developers in Development
  • 19 xubuntu-default-settings: Revert to "normal" alt-tab mode in xfwm4 completed by Simon Steinbeiß in Development
  • xubuntu-meta: Transition GNOME components to MATE components completed by Sean Davis in Development
  • 18 xubuntu-meta: Investigate switching from GNOME to MATE components completed by Xubuntu Developers in Development
  • 7 xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: Replace indicator-sound completed by Xubuntu Developers in Development
  • xfce4-statusnotifier-plugin: Replace indicator-application completed by Xubuntu Developers in Development
  • October 2017
  • 24 Developer websites completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Elementary Xfce (commit) completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Request redirects from IS completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Website
  • Website completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Xfce and Xubuntu-specific distributor logos for elementary-xfce completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Artwork
  • 23 Facebook completed by Kev Bowring in Logo update
  • Launchpad completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • 20 Brand guidelines completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Documentation (commit) completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Official vendors completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Planet Ubuntu completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update
  • Twitter completed by Pasi Lallinaho in Logo update


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